About The Vagabond Feminist

Feeding the eels at Atlantis in Dubai

Feeding the eels at Atlantis in Dubai

Hi! I’m Emma, a thirty-something wandering soul, currently based in the perpetually sunny Perth, Western Australia. I’m an international badass and creator of mischief, lover of fine wine and good cheese, chocolate and salty treats. Once vegetarian, now I’ll eat almost anything including but not limited to rat, intestines, sheep’s head and crickets. I have very strong opinions on how the world should work, so if you’re someone who thinks women shouldn’t have opinions, please go here instead.

I began traveling (and forming my views of the world) in my naive 20s. Travel has taught me a great many things in the past devade, I am definitely a lot more worldly and unewest and myself as a person better – which is exactly what your early 20s are supposed to teach you. Now I have based a life in the greatest city in Australia, and interspersed that with many overseas jaunts, to Asia, Africa and Europe mostly.

In my other life, I am a freelance travel writer, and have been featured in a number of publications. These include Solo Travelist Magazine, Mirrors of Africa, and am a featured writer in Solo Female Backpacker: Guide to Safely Traveling the World, a e-book published by my good friend The Bemused Backpacker. I also ran an African travel blog, Africa Encompassed, which had a small but highly engaged audience that grew every month. I now no longer run this blog, but if you are headed to Africa and would like some tips drop me a line. If you would like to get in touch with me regarding possible work, please contact me here. Although, if you’ve read this blog and you still want to hire me I might ask you if you’re crazy 😉

This blog grew from a frustration of having all these thoughts about different things I couldn’t publish on my African blog, or that weren’t able to be published by others because of content or quality. I just have a lot of feelings, and for me this is a space where I can get those feelings out, where other people might read it and take solace from the fact that they’re not alone because someone else is crazy and messed up too. It also means that I can write for fun again. I’ve missed that.

Some things you need to know about me include:

– I am a member of the Dead Parents Club. This is pretty recent, very raw, and if you have only terrible and trolling things to say about it you can leave now. The fact remains that my mother was not a good mother to me for most of my life, she was controlling and had very specific ideas about how she thought my life would go. I lived up to none of those ideals and I was far from the perfect daughter. It was only at the very end that we started to make peace with each other. This is something I feel guilty for every single day now that she is gone.

– I am a very loud and proud feminist. I am for equality. I am anti-war. I vote Greens. I hope you all like feminist rants, because it’s kind of my thing.

– I am girly. I make no apologies for this, just because I am a feminist does not mean I don’t also love to dress up and look cute. It does not make me a bad feminist, or less of a feminist or anything else.

– I love wine. I drink. A LOT. I also love food. I eat, a LOT. And I’m not a size zero. I don’t have thigh gap or nose face or whatever it is that people think makes you beautiful these days. I am a normal 30-something woman. I have hips, boobs and an ass that won’t quit. I will never be a size zero, you can all get over it. It took me a long time to find my confidence in this, and then someone took it away from me. I’ve only just found it again, and I’ll be damned if I let internet trolls take it away again. If you’re a woman (or a man!) experiencing some body confidence issues, please reach out. I’m here to boost you up my Queens.

– I am equally happy wearing my thongs in the shower as I am having a proper turn down service. If it means I can afford to travel, I am very happy to cut out some luxury digs. On the flip side, I am a lover of a five star bed. I am always on the hunt for a really great deal, and will often share current bargains on my Facebook or Twitter.

Sorry for all the links. Here is a cute puppy and his bunny friend to make up for it.



4 thoughts on “About The Vagabond Feminist

  1. Viv Queale (Adelaide) says:

    very nice, sounds like me. I kept going through all my life and now have a great man to share my autumn! It took me to 61 to find him,yay! love travelling to other places too. Viv

    Liked by 1 person

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